Established in 2019,

Coreopsis Belly Dance was founded when Karina noticed there was a need for fusion belly dance company within her area. Our main focus is to provide fun and energetic performances to audiences of all ages.

We offer stage shows suitable for events of all kinds, with a plethora of props and audience participation! All of our shows are carefully hand crafted and planned with your events theme in mind. To book us for your upcoming event click below


Karina is an award winning dancer, instructor, choreographer and director of Coreopsis Belly Dance - a premier Folk Fusion Belly Dance Company.

She began her dance career at the young age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since. While she dabbled in more “popular” forms of dance fusion belly dance is what really stuck with her.

Her main goal while teaching is to educate students on the history and background of the dance style and provide comprehensive instruction that anyone can follow.

In 2017 she received her Fat Chance Belly Dance® General Skills Classic Certification under the direction of Carolena Nericcio - and is working towards her teacher training certification

Kym Ahas

A mere petal in our beautiful flower of a group, Coreopsis Belly Dance Company. She has been dancing Tribal Fusion for 2 years, but can also do the hip of hops, and rooms of ball. Nature lover, face painter, archer, wannabe dancer, and burger aficionado. Who wants to go on a food adventure?


She has been a performer my whole life; acting, singing, and dancing. Starting out with jazz and Broadway style dance, but always had a love for belly dance. She taught herself how to dance, and it wasn’t until she moved out and got married that I finally was able to attend belly dance classes. Her instructor took me under her wing and influenced me immensely. Her teachers authentic Egyptian style (learned from world-renowned Egyptian dancers) is what made her fall in love with the style, culture, and history. She is also a certified firefighter/paramedic and deep water lifeguard.

She is Colombian, and was the first person born in America of her whole family. Her native languages are English and Spanish equally, but she loves to learn languages and speaks some French and Italian, and is currently trying to teach herself Arabic.


She came all the way from Texas to join Coreopsis and can’t wait to master the ways of Fusion Belly Dance. Be careful: after years of zookeeping she’s prone to talk your ear off about animals if you give her the chance!


She’s a member of Coreopsis Belly Dance based in North Central Florida. Serephina has been dancing various other styles of dance, as well as teaching on and off for well over 20 years. Delightful details about Serephina, she’s a wife, performer, protector of creatures, mom to a lovely human, mama to some other lovely humans who are not her birth children, as well as being a dog mom of 4. Mama Dancer, Serephina is overjoyed about learning new skills and becoming a stronger dancer with this marvelous group of people who make up Coreopsis!

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